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Building A Product Is Good, Building A Community Is Better

[This post was written for one of my clients, Covailnt.]

Here at Covailnt, we believe that a community is much more than just “a group of people living in the same place”. We like to focus on the definition that a community “is about or having a particular characteristic in common”. Regardless of your beliefs and interests, a community is a safe place where you can feel at home.

I myself am apart of many different communities — the UX design community, Barcelona community, tech community, and the list goes on. What is it that I get from being a part of these groups? Value. I learn and grow by surrounding myself with those who have more experience than I do.

Companies have the opportunity to a) build a product and/or service, or b) option a + build a community that fosters mutually beneficial relationships and encourages conversation.

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