Ethan Parry


Social Media, PR's Best Friend

Well, at least it should be. Put simply, public relations is all about creating and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships. PR is about understanding your key publics and trying to build trust.

I am afraid that social media is no longer being used for what it was intended for, creating and maintaining lasting connections.  A Huffington Post article talked about how social media is now primarily used to promote everyone's "ideal self."

I feel that most public relations professionals have a strong social presence, but are not taking full advantage of the opportunities to truly connect with others via social media.

Case Study: Mashable and #1Connection

June 30 marked the 5th anniversary of Mashable's Social Media Day. Events were held across the globe.

This year, Mashable decided do an experiment. Called One Connection, it's goal was to,

celebrate the unique ability of social media to connect us with people who we would never normally meet, and to help people expand their network by one meaningful connection.
— Mashable

Thousands of people participated using the #1Connection hashtag. Pete Cashmore, founder and CEO of Mashable, even joined in on the fun. 

I like the phrase " one meaningful connection." I don't want to undermine the importance of finding customers/clients etc. on social media to improve your organization's ROI, but let's not let that get in the way of creating one, two, even hundreds, of meaningful connections.

How do you use social media to create meaningful relationships? Do you feel social media helps you as PR professional or hurts you and why?