Ethan Parry


Flexible, yet focused. Curious and collaborative. Design & communication for brands and people.



If there is one question that I identify with, it is the question, “why?”

As a little kid, my curious mind would lead me to ask questions like “Why is the sky blue?” and “Why do I have to go to bed?” Even though I have a lot more answers now and can stay up a lot later, I still find myself asking questions, albeit they are slightly different from those when I was three years old. As a UX Researcher, I try to identify the real motivations behind a user’s actions. How do I do this? Observation and attentive listening.

A good UX Researcher / Service Designer has at least two characteristics. They are 1) good communicators and 2) share a bond with cultures different from their own.

With a bachelor’s degree in public relations and experience working with tech giants like Adobe, Google, and Dell Boomi, I have learned how to communicate complex concepts with clarity. In the world of UX, this ability helps me as I conduct a usability test, run co-creation workshops, and present results to company stakeholders.


In junior high, I started studying Spanish and am grateful for how fast I have been able to master it. My love for this language has motivated me to get a Master’s degree in Interaction Design (Elisava), teach at numerous universities and boot camps in Barcelona, lead workshops in South America, and much more. As designers, we need to know our users. I have a strong understanding of the Latino/Iberian culture and in my research work will continue to dive face first and immerse myself in other cultures as much as I can.

I am always open to discussing new projects. If you want to work together, or simply want recommendations for the best tapas in BCN, drop me a line at You can also send me a DM on Twitter, @ethanparry3.